Maybe you’re a startup that needs a little bit of help around the office but you don’t have the budget to hire a full-time employee. Maybe you’re a company that wants to mentor and train future professionals. Whatever your case may be, you’ve thought about hiring an intern. This year, many companies will benefit from having an internship program whether it be paid or unpaid positions.

New company perspective

By bringing in interns, you receive an outsiders point of view. You can let them sit in meetings or brainstorming sessions and let them have an input on how to do things a little differently. These young college students can change the way you look at your company and help you go in a different direction.

A possible new hire

Wouldn’t you like to hire someone who already knows your company and has already been trained by one of your managers? Interns are great hires for entry-level jobs and will already show an interest in getting more involved. Internships are like a trial period before officially coming on to your company, therefore saving you time and energy from going through another long interview process with an unknown candidate.

You need help with a special project

You may have an important project with smaller assignments attached to it that an intern can assist you with. Maybe you don’t have time to edit your website, work on graphic design or manage social media and you need a little bit of help. An intern can provide an extra set of hands that can help you achieve your goals and let them add to their resume. Try to encourage them to talk to other employees to see how else they can help and give them feedback on their work.

Before you hire a team of interns, let’s also consider a few reasons why you shouldn’t:

Your employees are not mentors

You may not want to admit it but some managers do not have the time or even the ability to train young college students who are eager to learn. Interns need to be supervised, trained, have communication with their supervisor and be mentored. You must evaluate your own company to see if it’s the type of learning environment appropriate for an intern.

You only need administrative help

If you hire an intern that only files papers, answers the phone, runs errands or even grabs your coffee, then you’re not in a place to have interns. An internship program should be tailored to help them learn more about their perspective field, not waste their time on small things. It may seem like “free labor” but taking advantage of a college students’ time will not benefit either one of you.

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