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From the big picture to the fine print

Professional. Consistent. Timely. You need all of these from your marketing execution and distribution. And Visualogistix® helps you get there. The Visualogistix team of experts can partner with you on everything from print production to digital signage, direct mail to promotional products and distribution to installation. Our extensive experience allows us tailor a program to fit your needs and become your trusted adviser ensuring consistent delivery of all your marketing needs.


Marketing Time Back


Reduction in Art Load


Increase in Usage


Improved Order Time

Source: Visualogistix clients

What Our Clients Are Saying

  • “The biggest advantage is that Visualogistix has allowed us to concentrate on what we’re supposed to be focusing on… We know that some of the things we want don’t exist already, but Visualogistix has been flexible in working with us to find a solution.”

    Shelley Parnell
    Vice President of Marketing, Dogtopia
  • “What has really made Visualogistix stand out to me is their understanding of the franchisee relationship and their ability to customize artwork and handle billing. In addition, they are extremely familiar with all the moving parts of the franchisee community, different store numbers, different menu panels, different price points, yet they take it all in stride and never miss a beat.”

    Toni Niece
    Vice President of Marketing, Fuddruckers
  • “Visualogistix frees me up to focus on growing our brand instead of the logistical details associated with supplying print to all of our locations. Because I trust Visualogistix to deliver what we need when we need it, I can concentrate more on other facets of our business.”

    Allen Arnn
    Director of Operations Systems and Communications
    Nothing Bundt Cakes Enterprises

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Case Studies: Why You Need Them Like You Need Air

They say to walk a mile in someone else’s shoes in order to see their perspective. We hear stories and read literature that opens our perspective and allows us to feel and see things in a way we hadn’t before.

Usually this phrase is used in the context of the lack of perspective and understanding of individuals and their past, encouraging a more open heart to understand others and show more kindness and acceptance.

Not only can this phrase guide our moral compass, it can also be utilized as an effective tool in marketing.

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How Dogtopia Got their Time Back to Focus on What's Important

Catch our new case study for one of our treasured clients, Dogtopia! It's wonderful to see how our services are of value to our customers.

Dogtopia is able to focus on what’s important by getting their time back with easy customization and order accuracy made possible by the consistency and simplicity of Visualogistix.

The Client

Since opening in 2002, Dogtopia has provided exceptional services for your furry friend and ensures that your dog has ‘the most exciting day ever’. Their services include a day care where dogs can socialize and play, grooming and spa services, and boarding for when dog owners leave on vacation. Dogtopia was named Best Franchise to Buy (Pet Category) during Franchise Times’ Annual Zor Awards (March 2017), and has received the Top Satisfaction Award from Franchise Business Review (October 2016) among others. On track to complete the year with 85 open daycare centers and another 50 more to come in 2019, Dogtopia is rapidly expanding across the United States and Canada to bring a paradise for your fourlegged friends in a city near you.

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5 Reasons Why You Should Hire Lady Gaga to Run Your Marketing Campaign

Yes. You read that title right, and I’m not bluffing. Unlike Gaga, I’ve got a terrible poker face.

Lady Gaga’s marketing team came together to create a memorable experience for the 2017 Coachella goers.
Watch this 60 second video to see this ingenious marketing by Lady Gaga and her team.

To fill you in, Coachella is a concert that happens every April in the small town of Indio, California. In less than 20 years the Coachella festival has become a legendary music experience, drawing fans from all over. Each year, a few big name artists or bands along with dozens upon dozens of smaller artists and bands come together to share their passion of music for a 3 day concert weekend. In 2017, Lady Gaga was one of the big names to come to the festival, and though billboards line the way to Coachella, no artist has done something like this before.

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