It’s never too late to try something new but what a better time to try then in the New Year? Wither you’ve failed to keep last year’s resolutions or you’re looking to add new ones, there’s always room for improvement. Ever hear of the phrase ‘new year, new me’?

Here are some new year resolutions that are easy to keep and can make a big difference:

Ask for Feedback

Receiving feedback can help you in more than one way. For example, asking feedback from your boss can help you improve job performance and feedback from employees about the company can help make improvements or bringing attention to things no one noticed. Asking for feedback from customers and suppliers can help open a dialogue

Study Your Competitors

Follow them on social media, see what they’re updating on their website or even subscribe to their newsletter for updates. See what you can learn from them and beat them at their own game.

Give your Print Marketing a Makeover

Have you been wanting to re-brand for some time now? Here’s your chance! Design new business cards, brochures or promotional items. Don’t be afraid to try something new and be more modern in 2018.

Learn More About Digital Marketing

Digital marketing goes beyond Facebook and Twitter. Don’t be afraid to watch a few videos on YouTube or read a few blogs on online advertising, Google and Adwords Analytics or even Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If that’s a little too much for you, you can always find easy ways to connect with your customers online


Join a professionals group within your industry, the city you live in or within the community. There are many groups you can join that can help you meet new people and be able to grow within your industry. Many networking events offer opportunities to learn more about your industry and be able to gain new information and skills to succeed.

Host an Event for Clients

Host an Open House or a Happy Hour for your clients or potential clients to inform them of your services, industry information and new products. Meet people face-to-face and let them get to know your business in a more casual and fun setting. You can collect emails, business cards and maybe even arrange meetings for business opportunities.

Read More Industry News

Start your day by reading a few articles on recent industry news. You can subscribe to a few blogs by industry influencers or popular magazines and newsletters from top industry movers.

Start a New Workplace Tradition

Encouraging employees to participate in company parties and contests can help make the workday less dull. Adding a little pit of fun can make employees excited to participate and give them a break from their hard work. Some great ideas are:

  • Holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, Thanksgiving, etc.)
  • National holidays such as Donut Day, Ice Cream Day, or Ugly Sweater Day. Check for a full list here.
  • Monthly or quarterly potlucks
  • Breakfast on Fridays

Turn Employees into Company Advocates

Post pictures on social media of company events, fun games and create videos of company life and culture. LinkedIn is a great place to post about the culture of the company or even the careers section of your website.

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