I’m sure you’ve wondered what would be the best option for your business, email or direct mail? Both options have their benefits that can help promote your business and boost sales.

Direct Mail Marketing

  • Consumers will actually respond to direct mail. 56% of consumers who received direct mail went online or visited the business. 62% of consumers who received direct mail made a purchase within the next three months.
  • Mail is considered to be more personal. You can tailor your mail pieces in a way that can be relatable to your consumer. Direct mail has the power to convey and encourage emotion. People value what they can see and touch and can even influence the consumer on how they feel about the sender.
  • Consumers check their mailbox every day. In the United States, 98% of Americans check their mailboxes on a daily basis. You can always be sure that your mail piece will be in someone’s hands.
  • Direct Mail can solve your “millennial problem.” A whopping 92% of millennials are influenced my direct mail to make a purchase compared to the 78% by email. How to target millennials has been a very difficult job for many companies but direct mail has been very affective in reaching this demographic.

Email Marketing

  • Once you’ve sent out your email campaign, you’ll be able to easily track the metrics of your email. You can track things such as open rate, bounce rate, unsubscribes etc. This can help you market smarter and help you understand your customers’ needs and interests.
  • Companies can easy boost sales through email marketing by emailing updates to their customers. You’ll be able to promote any sale, products or event just by creating the right kind of message. You can easily see what is working for your budget and what needs to be cut. With a good call to action you can have your subscriber calling your business in minutes!
  • Email is fast, easy and inexpensive; you don’t have to be a marketing expert to be able to create your own email campaign. If you’re not doing email marketing, there are many inexpensive tools you can use to begin your email campaign. What’s even better is that many websites such as MailChimp, Constant Contact or AWebber have templates and even tips on how to execute your email campaign.

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