The importance of in-store signage is something that should not be overlooked by today’s retail and restaurant marketers. Effective in-store signage boosts sales, increases brand awareness, promotes brand consistency, and satisfies customers. Below, we have listed ten signage statistics that every marketer needs to know to ensure the importance of this advertising tool is understood.

1) 68% of customers believe that signage reflects the quality of a business and their product.

Think of your in-store signage as your silent salespeople. Although it can’t verbally interact with your customers, it has the ability to communicate messages and make a sale as well as your physical salespeople.

Would you let your physical salespeople come to work with unkempt hair, ratty clothes, and a dirty face? I’m guessing not. You should have the same requirements for your in-store signage. Make sure it is polished, clear, and engaging at all times; it’s the only way to ensure your message is communicated correctly to your customers.

2) 1 in 5 people made an unplanned purchase after seeing an ad via digital signage.

A great way to sell your customers products they didn’t even know they needed is through your digital signage. This tactic is most effective when complementary products are advertised, such as sodas and juices by the alcohol in a grocery store, “Make it a large for $1 more!” deals at QSRs, and snow boots next to warm jackets in retail stores.

3) 4 out of 5 brands noticed up to a 33% increase in sales through the use of digital signage.

Although digital signage may be an initial investment, you’re actually losing money by not using it. (We go into more detail about that here.) And this statistic completely supports that viewpoint. Again, this increase in sales occurs because your customers are viewing specially tailored messages and making purchase decisions based on these messages. Although your salespeople can explain the benefits of your product until they’re blue in the face, it’s the visual imagery that really hits home for your customers.

4) On average, one additional on premise sign results in an increase in annual sales revenue of 4.75%.

If you can increase your sales revenue with the addition of one sign, imagine how much you could increase your sales revenue with the addition of many signs! Or by entirely reworking your signage strategy to include creative graphics in interesting places, such as on the floor, on the wall, on the window, and on digital screens.

5) 68% of American consumers have made a purchase because a sign caught their interest.

Nowadays, a black and white paper sign just won’t do. Customers are used to being bombarded with images, colors, sights, and sounds, and they should experience these same stimuli in your store. We have the technology to create textured signage, router cut signage, and signage on interesting substrates; not to mention video walls, audience aware technology and lift and learn technology. So take advantage!

6) Digital displays can potentially double audience information retention.

If your audience can retain more of your brand and/or product’s information they are more likely to make a purchase. This statistic is especially important if your brand sells high ticket items, such as televisions, expensive watches, or nice pairs of shoes. The more expensive the item, the more your savvy shoppers will research and compare alternatives. If they enter your store and view a digital display advertising said product, they are more likely to have it top of mind when making comparisons and evaluating options. This makes them more likely to position your product as more valuable than the others and ultimately purchase your product in the end.

7) 75% of Americans have told someone else about a business as a reaction to your signage.

We live in the age of millennials and Instagram. The more aesthetically pleasing your signage and décor are the more likely your tech-savvy customers are to Instagram and geotag your store, encouraging all of their friends, fans, and followers to do the same. As a millennial myself, I will admit to following brands I have never personally interacted with just because their feeds are so aesthetically pleasing. Alfred Coffee + Kitchen in LA is a great example of this. While I have never tasted their coffee or breakfast sandwiches (or even heard reviews about them), I will make it a point to visit their restaurant the next time I’m in LA, solely because I love their Instagram account.

8) 74% of all purchase decisions are made in store.

It seems as if the current trend is for brick-and-mortar businesses to place more importance on growing their online presence and less importance on maintaining their in-store presence. While focusing on the growing online community is great, retailers and restauranteurs should not brush off making their in-store experience the best it can be.

You brick-and-mortar customers don’t care how effective your banner ads are or the click-through rate of your pop-ups. To them, your in-store signage is your banner ads and pop-ups. These customers care what your signage has to say and they should be catered to. With 74% of purchase decisions still made in the brick-and-mortar store, it is extremely important to provide these customers with relevant messaging to increase your sales and increase their satisfaction.

9) At-retail advertising drives additional sales 70% of the time.

Yet another statistic detailing the importance of signage. A great way to drive last minute sales is through point of purchase displays, such as counter mats, register toppers, stanchion signage, and case graphics.

10) 38% of large companies with multiple locations identified branding/image as the most important purpose of effective signage.

In addition to using your signage to help with your branding/image (which is imperative because brand consistency is key, especially in franchise brands) you should also be using your signage to heighten your brand message and promote your promotions. Combining these three into a cocktail of signage gold will do wonders for your brand.

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