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Turn your displays from a one-way information dump into a customer interaction with displays that target specific customer needs. From touch screens to access information to sensors to anticipate customer needs, your displays can help customers get what they want, where they need to go – and where you want them to be!

  • Wayfinding – Help your customers find their way through your store, office building, campus, hospital, and more with touch screens that can give directions, show maps, and even outline the optimal path to their destination.
  • Exhibits – Let customers choose the information they want and need with touchscreen displays or push button panels. You can share product details, company information, location details, and more at the customer’s request.
  • Fling – Move from small screen to big screen in a simple swipe! Your sales reps can give clients more detail by “flinging” information from a tablet to a large display with more robust content. At the same time, other customers can see products and services that may interest them.
  • Mobile Interaction – Put your display information into customers’ hands by including a QR code or NFC sensor in your displays. Your display then transfers more detailed information – price options, product catalog, customer ratings, etc. – to the customer’s cell phone or tablet.
  • Lift and Learn – Connect your visual displays to products, so when your customer touches a product, the display shows product details. By picking up two products, customers can see a side-by-side comparison on your display.
  • Audience Aware – Customize your display based on who is nearby. Using cameras and facial recognition technology, your display can change based on the gender, age, and other factors of your customers in the area.
  • Social Media – Tap into the social network by integrating your customers’ interactions with your digital displays. You can share your RSS feeds live, include comments from your Facebook or Twitter accounts, or drop in pages from your website to keep customers engaged.