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Visualogistix makes it easy for you to integrate with standard web commerce tools, including:

  • Shopping Cart Integration – The Visualogistix Shopping Cart Connect feature provides an integrated connection with your existing Shoppify® or Magento® based website, allowing Visualogistix to handle the backend fulfillment of orders so you don’t have to.
  • CRM Integration – The Visualogistix CRM Connect feature allows you to share data between your existing CRM and the Visualogistix portal.
  • Partner Order Fulfillment – Visualogistix can integrate with other providers, making it easy to order products from your existing vendors through the Visualogistix portal.
  • Data Source Integration – Visualogistix can pull information from existing databases to generate addresses for mail campaigns based on your criteria or for use in your digital displays.
  • Single Sign-On Integration – Visualogistix can integrate with your existing web application and allow for a single sign-on between the two systems, allowing users to easily access the Visualogistix portal from your intranet or extranet.
  • Point-of-Sale Integration – Visualogistix technology provides integration with your POS solution to provide location specific information on your digital displays. Allowing menus and price boards to adjust immediately based on location preferences, inventory, and other key decision data.
  • Data Feeds – Visualogistix increases your interactivity with your customers by integrating content from social media, RSS feeds, web content, and more into your digital displays.