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The Visualogistix Branded Marketing Portal gives you complete control of your marketing content while still allowing for local market customization. Our flexible interface makes it easy for both corporate marketing management and local management to get what they need when they need it. The result: total brand control with local flexibility. The following is a list of some of the key features Visualogistix offers:

  • Visualogistix Portal: a branded marketing asset management portal designed to match your brand. With an unlimited number of users, unlimited number of products, and multiple payment options, you can be sure your needs are met.
  • Location Profiling: enables the user to only see products that can be ordered based on their location. With the ability to set the designated number of windows, doors, tables, racks, etc. for each location, the order process is simplified, especially on promotional roll-outs.
  • Approvals & Limits: gives Corporate the ability to enable approval processes for orders, ensuring every piece of your marketing has your approval. You can also set order limits, such as spending or quantity limits, that can apply to all orders or only to specific products.
  • Menu Management: simplifies your menu ordering process by retaining location specific pricing and selection. With the ability to store all menu items and pricing for application to print or digital on the portal, your menu ordering process becomes a breeze.
  • Ad Hoc Order Submission: makes it easy to upload files for one-off jobs, as well as quote and pay for them online. Since these files aren’t stored on the portal for future orders, there is no confusion or accidentally re-ordering old materials.
  • Cross Media Marketing: allows end users to easily order corporate approved email and direct mail marketing campaigns for their local store marketing needs. Once ordered, these users can customize their campaigns (based on your pre-approved template) to meet their local market needs.
  • Digital Signage: allows for the easy integration of your marketing materials with our digital signage solution through the Visualogistix Portal. Our digital signage solution easily allows for the local customization of your digital menu boards, signage, and displays. In addition, we can provide reliable hardware and installation for all your digital signage needs.
  • International Support: allows for multiple language and currency support, as well as international shipping support.
  • Digital Asset Management: provides approved users access to your stock images for easy download and artwork creation.
  • Mobile Device Support: allows portal to be viewed properly on mobile devices.
  • File Download: allows end users to use the power of the portal to customize, purchase, and download artwork for use in print or online publication.
  • Ad Builder: allows for the customization of your advertisements. Your artworks elements will adjust to fit your intended height and width selections, while still maintaining the same look, feel, and clarity.
  • Third Party Supplier: provides franchisees with the opportunity to order third party materials, such as uniforms, seamlessly through the Visualogistix portal.
  • Single Sign-On Integration: allows for the seamless connections between your corporate portal and your Visualogistix portal. With the click of your mouse, you can seamlessly move between the two without ever feeling like you are on two different websites.
  • Vanity URL: utilizes your provided web address to provide the ultimate in brand consistency and ease.