Catch our new case study for one of our treasured clients, Dogtopia! It's wonderful to see how our services are of value to our customers.

Dogtopia is able to focus on what’s important by getting their time back with easy customization and order accuracy made possible by the consistency and simplicity of Visualogistix.

The Client

Since opening in 2002, Dogtopia has provided exceptional services for your furry friend and ensures that your dog has ‘the most exciting day ever’. Their services include a day care where dogs can socialize and play, grooming and spa services, and boarding for when dog owners leave on vacation. Dogtopia was named Best Franchise to Buy (Pet Category) during Franchise Times’ Annual Zor Awards (March 2017), and has received the Top Satisfaction Award from Franchise Business Review (October 2016) among others. On track to complete the year with 85 open daycare centers and another 50 more to come in 2019, Dogtopia is rapidly expanding across the United States and Canada to bring a paradise for your fourlegged friends in a city near you.

The Challenge

Dogtopia knew they had problems with their fulfillment services when it came down to timely service and order accuracy. When asked how their process was before meeting Visualogistix, marketing team member, Shelley Parnell, stated, “it was a nightmare”. Dogtopia is unique in that each store has a location specific name. For example, there’s Dogtopia of Arcadia in Phoenix and Dogtopia of Bloor West in Toronto, Canada. Each store desired to order customizable marketing materials to show their localized name, different contact information, pricing or specials, etc. However, in order to do this, the document had to be sent to a freelance artist each time names, contact information or pricing needed to be changed. The designing alone for the localization Dogtopia needed was not cost-effective.

One of the biggest pain points Dogtopia encountered was the user experience of the website from which they ordered materials and promo items. Not only was it difficult to find the product to order, many orders didn’t arrive on time or didn’t arrive with all the correct materials. It was estimated by Dogtopia’s marketing team that, though they previously had half the number of stores, there were four times the amount of complaints. Dogtopia had been looking for another solution for at least 18 months before meeting Visualogistix. They needed something that operated better across their growing franchise, something that was user friendly and more cost- and time-effective. Switching to Visualogistix was advantageous for Dogtopia because it allowed them to have everything they needed “all in one spot”.

The Solution

Dogtopia sought to be more effective in all aspects, primarily with time and cost. They needed a better way that would allow each franchisee to order localized marketing materials and receive the necessary items correctly and on time. Visualogistix delivered the solution by:

“The biggest advantage is that Visualogistix has allowed us to concentrate on what we’re supposed to be focusing on… We know that some of the things we want don’t exist already, but Visualogistix has been flexible in working with us to find a solution.”

Shelley Parnell, Vice President, Marketing

The Results

With the help of Visualogistix’ Marketing Asset solution, Dogtopia now has a user-friendly website that all franchisees can navigate. With the simplicity of customization made possible within the branded portal, Dogtopia can now offer over 500 pieces of marketing collateral to their franchisees. With responsive communication, Visualogistix has been able to stay on top of orders and catch on to Dogtopia’s vision and find solutions. We look forward in continuing to be there as Dogtopia proceeds to expand in the dog-eat-dog world.

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