Travelers are now relying on digital channels for destination ideas, recommendations, booking and local deals. In today’s digital world, many travelers, especially millennials, prefer to do extensive research on their own for their travels. Digital signage makes perfect sense for hotels because they can easily provide this information straight from their lobby or the guest’s hotel room. Not only can digital signage help improve customer service but it can enhance the customer’s experience and assist hotel operations.

Digital signs can be easily updated and can liven up any room. Adding digital signage lets guests know a are a modern and up-to-date establishment. The appearance of a hotel is important in the hospitality industry. From the lobby to the elevator and to the restaurant/bar, there’s so many ways to utilize digital signage in an establishment.

  • A “virtual concierge” – Make things more convenient for guests by having self-check in/out interactive displays. This frees up more time for employees to better assist other customers.
  • Navigational assistance (wayfinding) – Direct guests around the hotel and even around the neighborhood. Wayfinding is a great way to encourage guests around the building and learn more about what the hotel has to offer.
  • Transportation information – Display all forms of local transportation such as bus or train routes and times. Give guests options on how to get to their destination.
  • Advertising – A hotel can even create revenue by offering advertisements by promoting local events and businesses. This is also a great opportunity for the employees to be aware of anything around town just in case if a guest is in need of more details.
  • Reputation management – An establishment can have screens displaying social media posts tagged at a hotel or reviews straight from online sites such as TripAdvisor or Yelp. This encourages guests to interact online and promote the business.
  • Airline flight status – Have interactive displays showing real-time flight information such as flight delays, cancellations, TSA screening information and even flight check-in.
  • News and weather – Guests on vacation or business trips can’t always be updated on breaking news and weather reports as soon as they walk into the lobby. A good idea would be to display the weather and news information close to the flight information display so that guests can plan transportation accordingly.

Think of the best way to entertain and better inform guests. Digital signage can be displayed in many parts of a hotel such as conference rooms, ballroom, fitness center, laundry room and even employee break rooms. You can easily customize your content to match your audience while enhancing their experience.

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