Warehouse inventory

When you’re creating new marketing campaigns and promotional roll-outs you are probably preoccupied with the fun parts of the process. You want to brainstorm new ideas, create and design content, and envision your happy franchisees using your content in their local markets. But, what you probably don’t think about is one of the most important parts of this whole process.

That’s right, fulfillment services.

The best strategy and the most remarkable production do nothing without quality execution. Nobody cares how great your ideas are if they never get fulfilled!

Below, we lay out three of the most important fulfillment services and explain a little bit more about what goes into each of them.

Warehouse & Inventory Management

Warehousing and inventory management is important for any company, but especially for companies with multiple locations in multiple markets. When dealing with large amounts of content, it is incredibly easy to become disorganized and overwhelmed. Not to mention managing rooms filled with outdated materials that keeps getting pushed back to make room for new content.

When warehousing materials, you should look for a secure, climate controlled warehouse space. Your content is important to your business, and should be treated as such. At the very minimum, your warehouse should have standard locks and security. If you’re a little bit more cautious, you can spring for video monitoring, electronic access tracking and product chain-of-custody tracking. Also, make sure the warehouse is climate controlled to reduce the wear and tear on your sensitive marketing materials.

Kitting & Packaging

Now that your materials are safely stored in a warehouse, how are they going to be packaged up to be delivered to the franchisees? While you could just throw all of your materials in a cardboard box and call it a day, that is not good business. Not to mention the possible damage that could occur during shipping due to improper packaging.

When kitting and packaging materials, you need to decide if your roll-out will be a pre-built kit, an on demand kit, or a custom kit. The advantage of a pre-built kit is that it can be built in advance and easily distributed based on your directions and needs. The advantages of on demand kits and custom kits is that they can be specialized to your needs, based on the items included in the kit or the event in which the kit is for.

Shipping & Handling

Once all of your materials are placed in kits and packed up, it is time to ship. Shipping single items is usually an easy process. Shipping large roll-outs to multiple locations is an entirely different story.

When shipping your materials, you need to find a network of partners which allow for cost effective distribution virtually anywhere around the world. This will dramatically bring down your costs, which means more money can be used towards your next marketing campaign or other business ventures. You also need to ensure all of your items are tracked every step of the way and that they are getting to their intended destinations on time in top condition.

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