Connecting Your Sales Channels with Results

Thomas Printworks provides flexibility within set standards to manage your dealer brochures, signs, and mailers. Co-branding is a snap and kit versions based on local dealer attributes can be done while meeting quality standards.

Local stores can create their own local direct mail campaigns, produce coupons or menus to drive traffic, and create a comfortable environment for their customers. And when it’s time to push a campaign out to the system, we’ll also help you manage your LTOs and New Store Openings with our innovative rollout tools.

Empowered Compliance Throughout the Channel

  • Manufacturer Consistency with Dealer Flexibility – You set the standards for how your brand appears for all dealer materials – brochures, signs, vehicle wraps, mailers, etc. – with identified areas for dealers to localize for addresses, prices, and more.

  • Easy Co-branding – The blend of flexibility and consistency makes co-branding easier. You have the comfort of knowing your brand is represented accurately in any co-branded materials.

  • Easy Control – You control your brand specifications through an easy-to-use web portal. Then your dealers can order materials that you can be confident will represent your brand. We can also help you manage digital content for rapid updates to digital displays.

  • Quality Materials – Experienced Thomas Printworks professionals ensure that whatever the collateral — brochures, print and digital displays, service menus, instruction manuals, posters, etc. — are delivered with exceptional quality to the right place at the right time.

Partnering with Thomas Printworks enhances your manufacturer/dealer partnerships by making sure all collateral includes your brand just the way you want it.