How can you motivate your employees but still hold them accountable? How can we get employees to work hard and help your business grow? Luckily, you don’t need a lot of resources to get your staff to work as efficiently as possible.

You may be doing some of these tips already or maybe not. It takes little effort to motivate your employees, you’ll be surprised by how easy this can be.

Don’t Motivate with Fear

Micromanagement doesn’t result in accountability. If you think that watching employees like a hawk will produce faster results, you are mistaken. Such behavior produces fear that will only be short lived. Yes, employees will get their work done but they will work until they no longer fear you and become less motivated to be there. Employees will commit to their jobs if they want to, not by constant fear.


You must set clear expectations on any new assignments or a change in priorities and goals. It’s difficult to hold employees accountable when they weren’t given clear expectations that will only leave them frustrated and fearful of their job performance. If employees aren’t being managed correctly, they will look for reasons to leave.

Set an Example

You can’t expect your employees to be excited about a project or to want to come into work if you’re not setting a good example. If your employees constantly hear you bash the company or other managers, then how do you expect them to be motivated with so much negativity coming from their boss? Be excited to be at work, dedicate your time to the team or just be in a good mood. A positive environment can motivate an employee to work their best and stay longer with a company.

Offer Advancement Opportunities

Give your employees something to work towards. If they feel like there’s nowhere to grow within the company, employees will look elsewhere for better opportunities. Offer training or mentorship to your team, good employees want to know you’re willing to invest time on them.

Let Your Employees Have a Say

Let your employees share ideas or participate in discussions that they wouldn’t normally be in. Listening to what your team has to say, will let them know their opinions are appreciated and will make them feel valued.

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