Many business owners today believe that local store marketing is not important. We now live in a digital world and local businesses are putting more time towards online marketing or hiring outside help. Solely relying on digital marketing can hurt businesses by not connecting with the community and wasting money by receiving little results. Don’t get me wrong, digital marketing is needed but knowing the importance of connecting with consumers within a five-mile radius is needed.

Local marketing can...

  • Make a difference in your neighborhood
  • Build a positive image through good customer service
  • Create local partnerships with other businesses

Local store marketing is unlike typical advertising. This takes time to build and gain trust within the community. Once you have established yourself locally, you will begin to have customer loyalty and be able to connect with consumers outside of a 3-5-mile radius.

Here are some local marketing ideas to consider:

Cross Promotions with Other Businesses

You can promote one another through social media, email campaigns or events. This shows you’re willing to team up with others in the neighborhood.

Sponsor Local Events

This is important because it shows that you care about the community and want to give back and its also great exposure.

Reward Local Employees

Offer special discounts or host a small event and invite the community to check out your business.

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