We all know that personalization drives results, but what do consumers really want? And does personalization impact all consumers equally?

According to InfoTrends, consumers respond strongly to personalized mail. In fact, the research firm found that 84% of consumers said personalization made them “much more likely” or “somewhat more likely” to open mail. Even so, InfoTrends also found that marketers are not always taking advantage of the opportunity. It found that these same consumers “rarely” or “infrequently” receive personalized mail.

This is truly a missed door of opportunity, especially among certain demographic groups. According to InfoTrends, personalization has a much greater impact on some consumers, particularly younger ones. For example, when asked whether personalization makes them more likely to open mail, here is how different groups answered:

  • Among those aged 25-34, the percentage saying personalization makes them “much more likely” to open mail rises 3 6%.
  • Among consumers aged 18-24, 35-49, and 50-65, the percentage saying personalization makes them “much more likely” to open mail is around 30%.
  • Among consumers aged 66+, this drops to 13%.
  • Just over half of all consumers, regardless of age, say personalization makes them “slightly” more likely to open mail.

With such strong numbers, you might expect consumers to be inundated with personalized mail, but InfoTrends found the opposite. In fact:

  • Only 24% of consumers say they are “frequently” or “very frequently” receiving direct mail that is highly personalized.
  • 41% percent say they only receive personalized pieces “once in a while.”
  • 27% say they receive personalized mail “rarely.”

Fortunately, missed opportunities by competitors mean open doors for you. If you are already personalizing your mailings, keep it up! Invest in customer profiling. Build the depth of your database. Increase your level of precision. If you are not yet personalizing your mail, jump in. Get started before your competitors do!

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