It’s great to be active online and engage with your audience but there’s so little you can do and you still have to compete with other brands for the same digital space. When creating your marketing strategy, you can’t forget the more traditional forms of advertising. The first glance at a company logo or marketing materials make all the difference and you shouldn’t just focus on an online presence.

Here are a few print statistics that will make you revaluate your marketing plan.

77% of Millennials Pay Attention to Direct Mail

Millennials are known to be the most tech savvy generation, but studies have shown they can’t get enough of print. Millennials are constantly being bombarded by digital ads, they will take every measure to avoid them and that’s where print comes in. Millennials have a

55% of All Consumers Trust Print Marketing More Than Any Other Advertising Method

Consumers favor print advertising more than any other form of advertising. People find print more personal and more appealing to the consumer.

79% of Consumers Researched the Brand Due to Receiving a Promotional Product.

Consumers look for fun, functional and trendy when receiving a promo item and 9 out of 10 actually remember the branding. This is a great way to get your name, messaging and information out into the public. Promotional products are also very popular across all generations

80% of Viewers Remembered a Product Advertised on Vehicle Wraps

A single vehicle wrap can generate up to 700,000 impressions daily. If you don’t want to spend your marketing budget on expensive advertising, a good vehicle wrap can have an impressive return on investment.

68% Believe that Signage Reflects the Quality of a Business and Their Product

The quality, placement and the design of your signage is very important for business. First impressions are everything and there’s no surprise people choose a business based on appearance.

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