Many franchises struggle with having to keep up with marketing requests while still needing to be on brand and following company guidelines. A marketing portal is a powerful management tool where your employees can log in to access any company marketing piece they need. Do you have a sales rep with outdated brochures or a marketing employee needing printed materials for an event next week? Marketing portals give you the power to order or customize any company-approved marketing material at any quantity requested.

Wondering whether your franchise could use this magical portal? Here are the top four benefits:

Customized Collateral on Demand

With so many locations, who has the time to ship new marketing materials to different locations at different times? Most likely there’s an intern or a marketing employee at corporate trying to keep up with location requests such as changing collateral copy or images. When you use a marketing portal, you and your team can log in and make their own edits. Why put in a request that may take weeks or even months when your team can log in and change collateral pieces to fit their local needs and arrive within a few days?

It Can Reduce Costs

When needing to stick to a marketing budget, managers have to be very careful about what they spend on printed marketing material. When there’s a product change or customization, your budget gets eaten up. Marketing portals can streamline your sales, production, and marketing, making it easier on you and providing savings across the board. Many companies spend 84% on costs towards creation, distribution, inventory, warehousing and fulfillment.

Complete Brand Control

It is important for a company to provide its various local offices and storefronts the right collateral and sales tools. Often, many well-meaning employees fail to adhere to company guidelines, making it difficult to keep their company's brand intact. By limiting portal access to managing decision makers, companies are able to protect their brand's image.

Manage ROI

Through the portal, you’ll be able to see what is being ordered per location, by employee and what is being used. Portals can provide detailed reporting, letting you make those money-saving decisions and keep track of marketing spending.

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