When creating your marketing plan, you think about how to attract customers to your business, whether it’s through online advertising or through your business storefront. Once your customers have discovered your business, what are they experiencing, and are they coming back?

It’s easy to forget something as small as customer service, but this is a major aspect of every business, and many can’t hide from things such as online reviews or a bad reputation.

Your marketing plan continues with customer service, and here’s what that includes…

Responding to Complaints as Quickly as Possible

When your customers are unhappy, they want someone to solve their problem immediately. If your customers aren’t complaining when their interacting with your employees, then they’re going online and expressing their dislike for your service. When there are sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor, Google Reviews and Four Square, anyone can easily see what others experience when dealing with your business.

Here are things to consider:

  • 92% of consumers now read online reviews
  • Don’t spend hours or even days to respond to a complain made by phone or online
  • Respond to every comment or mention online. People will watch how you interact and form their opinions then and there.
  • If you solely rely on online reviews, make sure you’re on the right social channels to better reach your customers
  • Be authentic, not robotic when speaking to customers. If you respond to every customer the same way, they will quickly notice a pattern and assume you don’t care to personally know what they’re going through.

Getting to Know Your Customers

When you have employees who are always in contact with customers, you are able to understand your buyer personas and truly identify their needs and wants. As soon as you know who you should be marketing for, you’ll be able to be more successful when creating new marketing strategies, all thanks to customer service.

Training and Retraining Staff on Customer Service

Providing excellent service is a skill that can be taught to staff members/employees. Training is a major part when joining a new company. Even those who have worked in customer service for a long time can be easily burned out or in desperate need of a refresher.

Training topics can include:

  • How to interact with customers
  • How to de-escalate a situation
  • When to bend the rules
  • How to respond to complaints and who to report to

Bottom line: your marketing brings your customers through the door, but great customer service keeps them coming back. Customer service is the simplest way to create loyal advocates for your brand, and it costs little to no money. Just being kind and attentive can make all the difference in your marketing plan.

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