Stress is the worst, isn't it? As a franchise marketer, we're sure you deal with your fair share of stress on a day-by-day basis. And no one is blaming you... you have a lot on your plate!

Your main focus is creating your next great marketing campaign. However, while creating new campaigns, you also need to be in charge of managing the old ones. It's your responsibility to ensure your brand stays consistent across all your franchise locations.

You also need to ensure none of your franchisees produce their own local marketing pieces that are inconsistent with your brand's image. When a franchisee does seek permission to create localized marketing pieces, you are their point of contact. And it's up to you to work with your marketing team, design team, and print providers to get these pieces produced.

To say you're swamped may be a bit of an understatement.

Thankfully, you can reduce the amount of items on your to-do list by consolidating your printing and brand management. When you consolidate the two, you allow a trusted third-party to streamline a large portion of your day-to-day tasks, leaving you with more time to be creative.

Consolidation can help you and your brand out in three ways: saving you time, saving you money, and strengthening the relationship between you and your franchisees. Keep reading to learn more.

Saves Time

Consolidating your printing and brand management reduces the amount of vendors you need to work with to deliver your marketing collateral, print signage, and direct mail marketing campaigns to your franchise locations. Instead of using one printer to print your business cards, another to print your banners, and another to ship it all, you can rely on one trustworthy partner to get the job done. The less vendors you have to spend time communicating with the better!

When you consolidate your printing and brand management, everything is accessible in one easy place (your customized online portal). Your franchisees can even order all the materials they need through the portal, without having to call on you for help.

Saves Money

When you consolidate your printing and brand management you are placing your marketing fulfillment process in the hands of one trustworthy partner. Your partner can quality check every piece that is produced throughout the entirety of its journey, from the first order on the portal to the last delivery on the doorstep. These quality checks ensure that your marketing pieces are maintaining brand consistency and are remaining high-quality.

You're saving money because you don't have to go back to multiple print providers and have them re-print your pieces because of color, design, or size inconsistencies. Your consolidated printing and brand management partner is with you every step of the way. They know what you expect out of your marketing and they know how to deliver.

Strengthens the Relationship

One of the most important benefits of consolidating your printing and your brand management is its ability to strengthen the relationship between you and your franchisees. Without happy franchisees there is no happy franchise!

Firstly, consolidation ensures all your marketing materials are getting delivered to your franchisees on time and on spec. They no longer need to confront you about receiving late or damaged items. Although those incidences aren't technically your fault, you are still the first person they are going to turn to when they have a marketing-related complaint.

Secondly, consolidation ensures your franchisees no longer have to go rogue to order localized marketing pieces... and you no longer have to get frustrated with them for it! Through the use of the user-friendly online marketing portal, you can upload pre-approved templates that your franchisees can order and customize for their local markets. The more options a franchisee has to customize their local marketing, the more in control of their business they will feel. And they will be extremely happy with you and extremely happy with the fact they chose your brand with which to start their business.

Consolidating your printing and your brand management is something that must be done to ensure your marketing is as successful as it can be. With a marketing fulfillment solution (such as ours) you can save time, save money, and strengthen the relationship with your franchisees; all while eliminating your stress in the process.

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