Aha moment

As we’re sure you’re aware, connecting with customers today is becoming more and more challenging. Frankly, you are competing against an increasing number of other brands. And these brands are offering your prospective and current customers similar products and services, all wrapped up in a shiny bow we like to call marketing.

You want your bow to be the shiniest, don’t you? A great way to ensure your bow shines bright like a diamond is to provide the correct content for each moment of truth. In this blog post, we will focus on all four moments of truth and what marketing should be used for each.

Moments, Defined

There are four Moments of Truth (MOT), ranging from zero (coined by Google) to first, second, and third (coined by P&G). A moment of truth can be described as an “aha” moment a customer experiences that takes them to the next level in the purchase cycle. Ideally, your marketing would be able to get every customer to the third moment of truth as quickly as possible. However, because this is the real world, that isn’t always the case. Let’s examine all of the moments of truth and determine which marketing is necessary for each moment.

Zero Moment of Truth

The zero moment of truth can be described as the customer’s first interaction with your brand. It is when they realize they need a new pair of shoes or have a craving for a burger and fries. To satisfy this need and/or craving, they walk into your store or restaurant (or check you out online).

During the zero moment of truth you have two goals: get the customer to understand they made the correct choice by seeking out your brand to satisfy their need/craving and get the customer to understand all your brand has to offer.

Marketing Needed

  • Eye-catching signage, featuring marketing for your latest promotion, LTO, or sale.
  • Customer favorites highlighted and/or presented with high quality imagery on your menu board, stanchion signage, table tents, counter mats, etc.
  • Blog posts overviewing your products, such as a “Spring Style Guide” for your retail store.
  • An active social media presence that lets prospective customers know you have an interest in your brand’s communications across all platforms.

First Moment of Truth

The first moment of truth can be described as the biggest “aha” moment of them all. It is when the customer realizes they made the correct choice by seeking out your brand to satisfy their need and/or craving. And it is when the customer realizes your brand can satisfy their other needs and/or cravings as well.

Analytics and buyer personas are important when it comes to the first moment of truth. If you don’t analyze your customers’ preferences and buying behaviors, you can’t effectively market to them…or move them towards the coveted third moment of truth.

Digital signage is especially valuable when it comes to collecting customer analytics. With audience aware technology, your digital screens can capture valuable analytics via video such as dwell time, emotions conveyed while viewing your signage, demographics of viewers, and size of groups of viewers, among many others. Don’t worry about seeming like Big Brother; most audience aware technology maintains anonymity and protects your customers’ identities.

If you want to learn more about how to collect buyer personas and why they are so important, check out our blog post on the topic here.

Marketing Needed

  • Signage promoting upgrades on meals, popular sides and/or pairings for meals at restaurants, and outfit pairings at retail stores.
  • Digital signage delivering content based on video analytics collected (displaying handbags for female viewers, ties for males viewers, etc.)
  • Product reviews and testimonials on your website.
  • Email and direct mail marketing campaigns offering customers “BOGO” coupons or punch cards.

Second Moment of Truth

The second moment of truth occurs when the customer purchases and begins to use your product or reap the benefits of your service. At this point, it’s important their experience matches your claims. Therefore, it’s important to ensure your in-store signage is up to date and your marketing verbiage isn’t superfluous. You’ll be in for a lot of angry customers if they think they are getting a pair of shoes half off, only to be told at the register that the sale ended last week.

Marketing Needed

  • Up-to-date signage displaying the correct prices and offerings for your products or services.
  • How-to blog posts, demonstrating uses for your product or how to make the most of your service.
  • Answering any and all social media questions, as well as posting FAQs regularly across your most popular channels.
  • Re-engagement direct mail and email marketing campaigns, detailing how you hope the customer is satisfied with their purchase and how you hope to see them again soon.

Third Moment of Truth

The third moment of truth is when the customer becomes an advocate for your restaurant or retail store. This is when they organically spread positive messages about your brand, through word of mouth marketing or even through their social media accounts. If you can keep the customer happily in this moment, they will be a fan for life.

Marketing Needed

  • Instagrammable décor and signage that encourages your brand advocates to post about your restaurant or retail store online (read more about that here).
  • Direct mail or email marketing campaigns offering your brand advocate a personalized coupon they can access on a personalized web page.
  • Highlight customer reviews and product mentions on your social media accounts and blogs. You can even collaborate with these advocates for a Youtube video or blog post on their social media profiles!
  • A steady stream of high quality print and digital signage that ensures these brand advocates are always surprised and delighted every time they walk into your restaurant or retail store.

Overall, it’s incredibly important to understand your customers when creating your marketing and attempting to seamlessly move them from moment to moment. Thankfully, we can help streamline your marketing process with the help of the Branded Marketing Portal, saving you time to focus on creating your next great marketing campaign.

To learn more about how we can take your brand to the next level, contact us today. Happy marketing!