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Have you ever wanted to open your own storefront, but didn't have the money for it? With how much social media has advanced, it has been made easy to promote and sell items online. One very popular way is through Instagram.

Instagram has over 700 million monthly active users and its use for visual flare has made it ideal to sell online. Per a Pew Research study, 55 percent of Instagram users are between 18-29 years old and with 30-49-year olds at 28 percent.

Sound appealing? Here are some tips to get you started:

Let’s Start From the Beginning…

When someone first looks at an Instagram profile, they automatically read the bio. Many users feel like the less info the better, but putting useful information in your bio can help tremendously. You should always but a small blurb of your business and your website/contact info. If you happen to have a brick and mortar, feel free to post your store address. The first impression begins at the first click, make it count.

Show off What You Have

Don’t think that selling on Instagram is like selling on other social networks. Instagram is a visual network that focuses on what catches one’s attention and that can come be very beneficial. Using creative ways to display your product online by posting photos, videos and even using the “story” feature can be appealing to your followers.

Get a Sales App

There are smart apps out there that you can easily download and sync your Instagram account to. Instagram can let your customers view your profile, like pictures ad view your videos but these selling apps can take it a step further. When an interested buyer clicks on a picture or your bio link, they can be redirected to the site for an optimized experience. Apps like Soldsie, Like2Buy and LiketoKnowIt, has made it easier to direct users towards a purchase and to learn more about your brand.

Make a Sale in a Post

Don’t be afraid to promote sales, discounted days/holidays or even host a contest. Many of these benefits can always be exclusively for your Instagram followers allowing others to think about following you as well.

Connect With a Local Influencer

Try connecting with well-known bloggers to help promote your brand to their large following. Majority of bloggers or local celebs typically ask for a set price, cross promotion or maybe even a chance to try some of your latest merchandise. Regardless of the situation, influencer marketing is a cheap and easy way to promote your brand.

Invest in Advertising

Do some research on how many likes or comments sponsored posts have on your feed. Try and see if you think Instagram ads would benefit your business. If you ask any marketer, they’ll tell you to attempt to try ads on social media to gain followers or to just promote a sale or event. Instagram customizes their ads on your demographic to better attract those that would be interested in your business.

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