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Written by Ivania Garcia


There comes a time in one’s life when they let their job overwhelm their life. They begin to stress over simple things at work to even stressing out over simple everyday things. As a “workaholic” one must learn to be organized, focused and able to control life outside of work. Separating both your work life and personal life, can be a struggle. Fortunately, we live in a time where simple things can be solved by just a download of an app. Technology has made life too easy to be sitting around worried over day-to-day activities. Why worry about your next meeting or even when you’ll be able to run errands when there’s than app for every life struggle?

Here are the apps every workaholic must have:


Evernote is one of the most popular organizational apps out there. Users can create “notes” that contain photographs, business cards, voice memos, full webpages, scanned items, documents, written “ink” notes, set reminders and much more.


Does your job have you constantly traveling? TripIt will organize your travel plans all in one place. You can easily forward your travel confirmation emails to the app and TripIt will add them to your account. Annoyed by flight delays or gate changes? Suddenly need to switch your flight? TripIt will alert you of any changes and recommend flights to better suit your situation all in real time

Office Yoga: Fitness at Work

There’s now an app that can help you work out right at work! Office Yoga can tailor daily routines with detailed “How to do?” videos in HD. The app offers a variety of exercises that can help you with strengthening, back, wrist and arm and standing yoga. Office Yoga can even calculate your Body Mass Index (BMI) and track your weight for weight management.

Stress Doctor

Feeling stressed? Stress Doctor will help you improve your breathing technique to where you’ll be calmer in just minutes. Using its heart rate monitoring technology, you can now turn your phone into a real-time biofeedback device without any external hardware. With just 5 minutes of practice per day, you’ll be amazed how much of a difference it makes.

Hello Fresh

When being overwhelmed with work, you forget to eat healthy while barely having time go grocery shopping. Thanks to Hello Fresh, you can create an account that best fits your lifestyle and diet choices. You can create a meal plan with recipes and fresh products delivered right to your door.

Task Rabbit

Living a busy workaholic lifestyle can take you away from everyday errands. With Task Rabbit, you can pick any task and you will be assigned a “tasker” to complete the job. You can have your home cleaned, food cooked, maintenance work, and even have someone wait in line at the DMV for you. No task is too out of reach for Task Rabbit.

Parking Panda

Stop driving around the block looking for a decent parking spot! Parking Panda is an online parking service that allows drivers to find and reserve parking in advance. If you’ve ever had one of those hectic mornings where you’re running late, Parking Panda will take care of your vehicle while you go into work.

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