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Patient care is your business. Your care is our business. Whatever you need to look your best and serve your care providers, employees, patients, and visitors, Visualogistix can deliver for you. We can even customize by locations for systems of hospitals and clinics with information specific to each location but within brand standards.

Visualogistix can help hospitals and health care clinics with:

  • Directions – help your visitors and your staff find their way with directional signs (hanging from ceilings, on walls, on doors, etc.), directories, maps, etc. We can also provide interactive digital directories and directional displays, allowing customers to select where they want to go and get specific directions.
  • Marketing – we can produce brochures, pamphlets, flyers, handouts, etc. for display at your facilities or use at conferences or health fairs. Our Visualogistix portal allows you to customize any materials for multiple locations, giving you market flexibility with brand consistency.
  • Exhibits – anything you need for community events, conferences, trade shows, ad special events, including signs, banners, interactive digital displays, video panels, handouts, etc.
  • Information – give patients and visitors the information they need in your lobby with interactive digital displays, streaming video, elevator displays and more. Provide news, hospital data, emergency alerts, and any other content you want.
  • Business Collateral – in addition to the public facing materials, Visualogistix provides your business cards, letterhead, instruction manuals, etc. to keep everyone on the same page, maintain your brand, and meet regulatory requirements.