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You’re focused on educating young minds, so let us focus on marketing your campus and informing your various publics. From directions to displays and banners to brochures, we’ll maintain your brand with consistency, attracting students, boosters, contributors, faculty, and the community.

Visualogistix will partner with you to deliver:

  • Marketing Materials – from the smallest flyer to the largest banner to the complex digital display, Visualogistix can help you put your school’s best foot forward. Whether you’re hosting a conference on campus, attending a trade show, promoting a sports contest, or competing at a recruiting event, we’ll deliver on time and on spec.
  • Directions and Signs – whether on the exterior of buildings, on windows or doors, hanging from a ceiling, or in an interactive display, we can provide signs and directions to help campus visitors find their way with ease.
  • Interactive Displays and Video – let students, parents, prospects, and dignitaries use an interactive digital display to learn more about the school, find their way around campus, get data on sports teams, explore clubs and service opportunities, and more. Stream information through video screens to promote campus events, advertise, provide weather updates, distribute emergency alerts, and more.
  • Internal Materials – you need consistency across the campus, so let us produce your letterhead, business cards, instruction manuals, etc. The Visualogistix portal makes it easy for you to change details for different campus functions while maintaining the brand identity of the school.