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You’ve probably seen it. Rooms filled with outdated material that keeps getting pushed farther back to make room for new stuff. It doesn’t take long for the space and the inventory to become unmanageable. Tap into Visualogistix warehousing and inventory management services to eliminate this problem. We store your materials, keep track of the inventory, and ensure you get up-to-date materials when and where you need them.

  • Secure, Climate Controlled Warehouse Space – We match your needs for security with warehouses with standard locks and security to high security environments with video monitoring, electronic access tracking and product chain-of-custody tracking. Even materials sensitive to heat, cold or humidity are safe in our carefully climate controlled warehouses.
  • Multiple Warehouse Locations – With warehouses across the United States, Visualogistix can store your materials where it makes distribution fastest and easiest for you. This helps reduce costs and ensure on-time delivery.
  • Inventory Management – The easy-to-use Visualogistix web interface makes it a snap to know how much inventory you have available at any given moment.
  • Serial Numbers Tracking – We keep track of your serialized products down to what serial numbers are in inventory, who ordered, when they ordered, and where they were delivered.
  • Support for Produce-on-Demand and Inventory Picking – If your product is to be produced on-demand (POD) or requires inventory to be held we can manage it for you. To make sure your product is always available you can set standards for automated notifications or re-order points when inventory reaches your designated level.