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Kitting & Packaging services let you specify how items should be packaged together. We produce the items, assemble the kits or packages according to specifications, and deliver to your locations, reducing your workload.

  • Pre-built Kitting – When you have repeated needs for the same set of materials, we can build the kits in advance and distribute them according to your directions.
  • Kitting on Demand – You provide Visualogistix with your kit specifications, then we build them as they are ordered according to your specifications.
  • Custom Kits – When you need customized kits for special events, we build the kits according to your specifications when you need them. This allows you to customize with location information or include different items in kits. Then we distribute the kits when and where you need them.
  • Barcode Enabled Process – Visualogistix processes allow for kit products to be selected and verified via bar code, allowing for greater speed and accuracy in your final kits.