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Show your customers the options you provide with everything from simple (but attractive) printed menus or boards to interactive digital menu displays. Visualogistix turns your ordering mechanism into an integral part of your brand and sales process.

  • Static Menu Boards – From simple graphics to fantastic photos, your menu board will match your brand and add to the restaurant décor – as well as help sell! The Visualogistix portal makes it easy for you to customize items, prices, images, and more based on location according to your brand specifications.
  • Digital Menu Boards – Give yourself ultimate flexibility and attraction with digital menus that can change based on your specification. Take advantage of motion and powerful images to catch the interest of your customers. Switch the menu automatically based on time of day, outside temperature, or other triggers. Update prices from a database based on location, promotions, or other specifications.
  • Drive-Thru Menus – Just because they won’t get out of the car doesn’t mean they won’t see you at your best. Let Visualogistix help you create the right image – graphics, lighting, digital displays – for your restaurant with customization available at your direction.
  • Digital Drive-Thru Menus – Increase the power of your drive-thru menu with motion, video, and customization options based on time of day, temperature, promotions, preferences, and more. You can update different stores with location-specific prices and information pulled from your database.
  • Printed Menus – Visualogistix gives you complete control over the consistency of your menus while allowing individual restaurants local flexibility. You determine how much local managers can change – address, hours, contact information, pricing, menu items, or whatever else you choose. We ensure the brand is consistent, the production is flawless, and the right menu gets to the right location.
  • Menu Extenders – Promote special menu options or programs with extensions to your drive-thru menu, whether fixed or digital.
  • Day Parting – Automatically update menu items based on the time of day to make it easier for customers to find currently available items.
  • Adjustable Menu Selections – Automatically update the order of selections on your menu based on factors such as weather (hot items on cold days; salads on hot days), seasons, holidays, inventory, etc.