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Lead the way in the information age by putting information in the hands of your customers, employees, and partners. You can share information where you want – in your lobby, your elevator, your meeting rooms, your retail locations, your storefront. Take advantage of today’s digital age and Visualogistix’ ability to help you extend your brand through technology.

  • Advertising, Sales, Promotions – Use digital or video displays to update your promotions in the moment. You can use message boards, interactive displays, even video walls to tell your customers how you’re going to meet their most immediate needs.
  • Live Video Feed – Put the latest news, sports, or entertainment in front of customers while they wait or shop. But don’t stop there. Include your own content with whatever information or entertainment option attracts your customers.
  • Weather – Keep customers or employees up to the minute with live weather information and forecasts. Include this on your video wall with other multimedia, or keep the updates going on a digital display in the elevator. Then include your brand to help drive your messages home – in any weather!
  • Schedule – Keep travelers up-to-date with schedule displays, movie patrons on top of show times, visitors aware of appointment times, etc. – all updated from your existing data source.
  • Emergency Alerts – Include emergency alerts in your displays based on a trigger event such as an alarm, weather change, traffic update, etc.