Customization – With Control icon

Visualogistix technology makes it easy for you to get extreme flexibility with complete control. Every deliverable is executed based on your strategic direction and brand requirements. At the same time, we can customize for franchisees, departments, branch offices, or any other need.

Customization can be delivered in several ways:

  • Content – Local leaders can customize content such as names, titles, addresses, phone numbers, store hours, pricing, etc. to meet local needs. We can even localize to multiple languages. All these changes can be made quickly and easily, without any time consuming redesign, regardless of whether the content is in print or used on a digital display.
  • Design – You can designate design elements for local managers to customize, including typefaces, images (from options you authorize), and finish size.
  • Output – You can provide options such as the type of material used in the finished print product, enable electronic downloads, or push to your digital displays.

All of these customizations are possible based on your specifications. You get complete control over who can request changes and which changes individuals can or cannot make for each deliverable.