Unless you've been living under a rock the size of China, it's no surprise that it's the start of a new year and the start of a new decade. There is no shortage of blogs and articles about "How to Kick-Start Your Year" and "Health Goals You Should Set" etc. So this isn't one of those. Well, not traditionally.

The primary goal here is to discuss the overlap in which our personal life interconnects with work life, and give a few examples on how to reconnect, re-establish and reset in both a professional and personal sense.

The Overlap

We're all familiar with the saying "it's just been a bad day" whether that started at home and went into work, or whether it started at work and then followed you home. But, was it really a bad day? Or did a few simple setbacks happen that bothered you more than it should have, and then bled into everything else?

Just recently I read the saying that your attitude/mannerisms expressed within the first 15 seconds with someone will determine how the rest of your interaction will go. There wasn't any article attached or person or book cited, but it's certainly believable. Stress gets carried around and it affects the way we treat others (and unfortunately, sometimes the people most important to us). Stress doesn't just affect your relationships with others, but also your ability to focus along with your health.

Exercise is a known stress relief. In a study conducted by the American Psychological Association, "53% percent of adults say they feel good about themselves after exercising, 35% say it puts them in a good mood and 30% say they feel less stressed". Good numbers, right? But get this, "only 17 percent of adults report exercising daily".

Cited from a study from the US National Library of Medicine, it says that, "It has been well established that most adults suffer adverse health effects from stress, and 75–90% of all physician office visits are for stress-related ailments and complaints." Stress negatively affects your health, posture, and with all these doctor visits or what not has got to affect your bank account.

The way we feel about work runs into our personal life, and the way we feel about our personal life runs into work. Below are some suggestions on how to re-connect, re-establish and reset in both your professional and personal life.


Work - Reconnect with your team. Who do you work with? Whether it's colleagues or clients, reconnect with them. Be sincere and ask how they've been, and ask what you can do to help. Having a sense of community at work improves effectiveness, and reconnecting with clients and bring in more revenue.

Personal - Reconnect with your personal team. Who is in your corner? Spend personal time with them or give a phone call. Also, reconnect with your hobbies and passions. Take time to plan something on days off or weekends. Work hard and play hard.


Work - Re-establish your priorities. What needs to get done and by when? Talk with your team and plan out the next steps in order to accomplish the task at hand. Re-establish your working hours/habits THAT YOU WANT TO KEEP. It's a new year, what's the point of keeping a habit that isn't helping you? Discard and replace the habits that aren't serving you. Taking charge of your work will bring about confidence and a sense of accomplishment. Maybe things aren't flowing perfectly but you know that you are doing what you can. This will eliminate a lot of stress that is created by lack of organization.

Personal - Re-establish a work/ life balance. The Health Advocate Blog had an interesting example on this, "For example, is working through lunch today more important than taking that daily walk you’ve been wanting to do?" Re-establish personal goals, and don't let yourself give excuses that everything else is more important. Like the example given, their might be some work that can be done during lunch but taking 15 mins to get your body moving and lighten your mood goes a long way.


Work - Reset the equipment you use frequently. Whether that is a computer or other technology, make sure your files are organized and everything is running properly. Along with this, reset or reorganize any notebook or planner you use. Keep what you need, get rid of what you don't.

Personal - Same goes for your personal life, de-clutter what you can and reset. Let yourself start over and let go of what is bringing you down. They always say that a proper mindset is one's biggest asset. Reset on your goals and keep moving on them. Don't let setbacks stop you in your tracks; reset and go.