Just recently, a tweet of a dentists’ marketing advertisement went viral. On September 12, 2019, Ed Latimore, former Heavyweight boxer tweeted this image with the following response:

Did you click on the link and look at it? If not, go open it. It's worth the 15 seconds and will help you grasp an idea of some of the crazy things our eyes and brains do.

What did you notice at first? Did you notice the eyebrow until you were prompted to by the words below the image? If not, don’t feel bad. There’s hundreds of comments underneath the photo of others who did the same.

In the comments, someone connected yet another photo:

So how come we didn’t notice the eyebrow? Or some of the other things in the image above?

According to studies, those with straight teeth are viewed as more successful, more attractive, more likely to get dates and more likely to get the job.

I don’t want to get into the science behind why humans are so attracted to teeth (probably something to do with teeth being an indication of internal health and good genes). But, if we are looking at the importance of this for marketers and businesses, we see that the human brain is very visual, and our attention is pulled to focus on certain aspects, even so much to the point that we may be oblivious to other details right in front of us.

Let's look at some stats:

Our eyes are EXTREMELY powerful! We use them to learn and our brain uses our vision as its primary source for information. This being said, if you are trying to market your service or product, and want it to be processed faster and more likely to be remembered, graphics is the answer. Draw your customers attention with signage, both print and digital.

Signage is a crucial aspect of marketing. So, let’s look at some signage stats:

Signage and digital signage can attract customers, and from the statistics shared above, attracts a LOT of them. How many signs do you have outside of your location? How many signs or graphics are within your space? What's on the walls? windows? floors?

Art and custom wall graphics can completely transform a space.

Don't let your marketing strategy be missing teeth! Well... unless you're a dentist and you want them to! ;) Knock out signage is attainable with marketing strategy and a conscious effort focused on colors, words, design and location. Contact us today!