This is the 21st century, the technology and information era. There's so much information accessible through books, the internet and other channels.

How many times do you search YouTube for a video showing you ow to do something? (I know I'm guilty). We all have problems and we all want solutions. Content marketing has become quite big in the marketing industry across all verticals. It's all about producing content that is found helpful instead of continuously pushing sales tactics on your customers.

Have you thought about putting on an educational event in an area related to your products/services?

For example: Home Depot. Ever heard of their free seminars on do-it-yourself projects? Attendees learn about a new product or technique, then while they are excited and motivated to try something new, they buy materials for completing one of those projects while they are right there in the store.

Think about all the products that are likely sold from a seminar on sponge painting:

  • paint
  • sponges
  • paint rollers
  • rolling pans
  • paint brushes
  • edging tape
  • edging blades

While these customers are in the store, they might pick up some items unrelated to the project like light bulbs, or new light fixtures or kitchen drawer hardware (Sell More By Educating Your Customers).

Make-up companies or beauty salons could offer seminars on hair or skin treatments.

Craft shops could offer countless how to seminars on DIY crafts.

Financial Services could offer seminars with information regarding savings, loans, different types of investments, etc.

Health offices could have a variety of nutrition related seminars.

Think about the products and services that you offer. What educational materials could be developed around those products? How could seminars, newsletters, and tips and tricks postcards promote sales indirectly by offering ideas and solutions and letting customers get excited enough to try them or develop their own ideas?

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