Yes. You read that title right, and I’m not bluffing. Unlike Gaga, I’ve got a terrible poker face.

Lady Gaga’s marketing team came together to create a memorable experience for the 2017 Coachella goers.
Watch this 60 second video to see this ingenious marketing by Lady Gaga and her team.

To fill you in, Coachella is a concert that happens every April in the small town of Indio, California. In less than 20 years the Coachella festival has become a legendary music experience, drawing fans from all over. Each year, a few big name artists or bands along with dozens upon dozens of smaller artists and bands come together to share their passion of music for a 3 day concert weekend. In 2017, Lady Gaga was one of the big names to come to the festival, and though billboards line the way to Coachella, no artist has done something like this before.

Gaga’s team worked with DashTwo and others to find the location, artist and design to create a hand-painted mural wall. It was decided that the outdoor wall of a local liquor store would be the perfect canvas and they contacted Syntek, an artist from LA, and went to work. The day of the festival, Lady Gaga tweeted that there would be 250 limited edition shirts given out at a specific location (where the mural was painted) in route to the Coachella festival. Fans rushed to the spot to claim their T-shirt and snag a photo.

Multiple factors played into the success of this project, but here are 5 reasons why Lady Gaga’s marketing team had great success and you can too-

1. Big Event Advantage

Fans were already excited and waiting for the concert, and many who weren’t able to make it were following the feeds on social media to live the experience they couldn’t have for themselves. Numbers of fans were on social media, sharing their anticipation and excitement, and this announcement from Lady Gaga added to their excitement and many jumped on the offer to go and claim their shirt and bragging rights. Use big events to your advantage!

2. Social Media — First to Know

As mentioned in the bullet above, many fans were on social media, and devoted followers saw this announcement from Gaga and rushed to the site. Sharing big news or big reveals or sneak peaks through social media makes followers feel valued and appreciated for being invested fans. This tweet from Gag gave many the ‘first to know’ status. It’d be interesting to see how many followers Lady Gaga received after this, how many felt left out and started following her in order to not suffer from FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) anymore?

3. “FREE”

When we see or hear the word “FREE”, our interest is immediately peaked. The feeling of getting something for nothing almost feels like you’re stealing it, but you’re not. Gaga’s team offered free and limited edition t-shirts to bring them there. Fans who made the trip were rewarded with free t-shirts that couldn’t be bought anywhere else! What more of a reward could they ask for? Sales, discounts and giveaways bring people in like crazy. It becomes a talking point. I bet you anytime one of those lucky t-shirt winners wears that shirt and gets a compliment on it, they probably respond with something like “Thanks! I got it for free on my way to Coachella” or if they ask where they can order one, “Actually it was a limited edition design that I got at a giveaway at the Coachella concert last year”. Is that not similar to common responses heard? In fact, just the other day, I complimented a friend on her jeans and her response was “Thanks! I bought them for $5 at ….”. The sale was so good that she felt like she got a steal, and STILL talks about it. Sales and giveaways are great ways to bring customers in and to keep them talking about it!

4. Eye-Catching Art

In this example there was an eye-catching custom wall created. Having an interesting piece is what can make your brand or store an Instagram super star! Taking a picture in front of the billboard and posting it on social media didn’t have to be a prerequisite to receiving the free shirt. Fans did it themselves because it was an experience they wanted to share with their fellow followers. The mural blew up on social media, you can see that through the video linked up above. Hats off to Lady Gaga’s marketing team for creating an experience the fans loved. This is what effective modern marketing has come to- cross media marketing and creating experiences for the consumer. As Neil Hughes stated, “Outdoor advertising is proving to be the perfect partner for social”. Bringing signage design into a marketing strategy is a game changer.

5. Local Marketing

If Lady Gaga had murals like this across the country, it wouldn’t be anything special. This was important for this location and this are- in this blog here it talks about how the community loved it. The owner left the mural up for a year because the community had such a positive reaction to it. The singularity of the event and location made this a truly unique experience that couldn’t be had anywhere else. Local marketing has its perks, here's more info on local marketing.

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