If your business needs to reach the greatest number of potential customers, vehicle wraps may be an option for you. Vehicle wraps have now leveled the playing field for small to mid-size companies by affordably competing with vendors 10 times the size of a smaller company. You can have a flashy car wrap like Coca-Cola, and receive all the same mobile advertising benefits.

Branded Vehicles Are Attention Grabbers

These appealing, moving billboards can receive attention and brand recognition. Imagine sitting at a red light or in traffic only to be amazed by the graphics and professionalism of a vehicle wrap. Unlike online advertisements and annoying commercials, you won’t be put side-by-side your competitors. Vehicles wraps incite curiosity, enjoyment and brand awareness.

How Does It Compare To Other Advertising Options?

According to a study by the Outdoor Advertising Association of America, vehicle wraps can be the most effective and cost efficient form of advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower Cost Per Thousand Impressions than any other form of outdoor advertising at around $.04 per thousand impression.

  • One vehicle wrap can receive 30,000 – 70,000 impressions daily.
  • 97% of Americans indicated they notice vehicle advertisements vs 19% for billboards
  • The average vehicle driven 15,000 miles per year will pass in front of 9 million other vehicles.
  • Fleet vehicle advertising boosts name recognition 15 times greater than traditional advertising media.
  • Mobile advertising reaches consumers not exposed to newspaper, radio and television.

What Is the Return on Investment?

Depending on the type of company you have and where and when you decide to drive, can all influence the amount of exposure you can get but there’re ways you can track your return. Having the right information on the vehicle ca help track your return:

  • You can advertise a special promotion only available to those who view your vehicle
  • You can set up a special toll-free number or Google Voice number to easily track incoming callas
  • Create a landing page with a short URL consumers can visit to request information

Whether you have one vehicle or a fleet of vehicles, vehicle wraps offer a unique way for you to advertise your company without having to focus so much on tradition advertising.

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