Knowing how to promote your company leading up to a trade show is important to be successful at any event. How about during the event? From the brochures to the uniforms you wear, can all make the difference in how successful a trade show can be for your business. What happens after the event? Don’t worry, we have tips for how you can market your company during all stages of a trade show.

Before the Event

  • Let your online followers know you’ll be at the trade show. Begin by posting information on social media such as location and booth number. Always tag the official trade show account and use the event hashtag. Make sure your posts are directed towards your target audience such as those attending and those who might be interested in the event.
  • See if there are opportunities or you to moderate or speak during a panel discussion. This will help the attendees understand your knowledge of the industry and your business.
  • Begin sending out emails to your client list and newsletter followers. Create the perfect email containing event info, images and your latest news.
  • Send out direct mail pieces to your client mailing list and past signups from other events. Direct mail is very affective, 43% of people are known to read their direct mail pieces.
  • Invest in good signage and collateral for your booth:
    • Brochures
    • Business cards
    • Posters
    • Pop-up banners
    • Floor graphics
    • Banners
    • Digital displays

During the Event

  • Have your staff well trained and properly dressed for the event. Your staff must be welcoming and excited to be at the event. There must also always be someone present at the booth, you never want someone to approach your booth then walk away without knowing about your services.
  • Tweet and post regularly at the event. Remember to always include the event’s hashtag and pictures of your booth.
  • Introduce yourself to those attending the trade show. Collecting business cards and networking can help grow your business by making connections and creating possible leads.
  • Have contests or giveaways at your booth. Giving away “swag bags” full of your information will draw people to your company. Promotional items such as:
    • Tote bags
    • Pens
    • T-shirts
    • Water bottles
    • Lip balm

After the Event

  • Make sure your team quickly follows up with prospects by email or phone.
  • Update your social networks and blog with videos or photos of the event.
  • Connect with those who you met at the event via LinkedIn. Continue the relationship by endorsing them or by liking articles they post.
  • Take time to look over your goals. How many leads did you generate? Did you achieve your overall goal for the trade show?

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