Wondering when your best friend’s wedding invitation will arrive? How about your IRS refund check? USPS has now figured out how to let you know what is coming to your mailbox that day.

To sign up, postal customers must register at InformedDelivery.USPS.com and follow the instructions. Then the customer will receive a daily email with up to 10 black and white images of their mail. If the customer has more than 10 mail pieces, then USPS will provide them with a separate link to view the rest of their mail.

The Postal Service does not have the ability to open the mail but only to be able to scan the address side of an envelope. If multiple people live in one household, then those who share the household will be able to receive the same images. If you receive a scanned image of a mail piece but do not see it in your mailbox, this would be a good way for the consumer to be able to report the missing mail to the Postal Service.

How can this new feature help marketers? According to the USPS website, marketers will be able to reach consumers on a new level. Imagine sending out a direct mail piece for your business and wondering if your direct mail will become just every-day junk mail.

Informed Delivery can help mailers increase their marketing campaign reach with a synchronized physical and digital touch point.

  • Receive multiple impressions from a single mail piece.
  • Enhance the customer call to action with interactive digital content.
  • Connect with customers whenever, wherever — even as they travel — through a computer or mobile device. (source)

USPS has a seen a large decline in mail volume over the last 10 years. The U.S Postal Service has said to have handled 61.2 million first class mail in 2016, down from 98 billion in 2006. This is their way of being involved in the digital age and appealing more to a younger audience.

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