What is coworking, you ask? Coworking is an innovative alternative to traditional office spaces. These spaces offer flexibility and functionality that a traditional office space does not. The concept allows its members to be in an open, shared space apart from a confined cubicle or a random coffee shop. Anyone from a freelancer to a longtime professional looking to start their own company can grow within a coworking space.

Here are some of the few perks you can receive by joining a coworking space:

It Can Be Affordable

For most companies, location is everything. However, on a start-up budget, that may not be a priority. Looking for your own space can be time consuming, expensive, and unaccommodating. Luckily, most coworking spaces are in major cities where it would be more beneficial to a startup. Take the Cowork Lab in Downtown Houston, for example; their membership fees are as low as $29 and as high as $499 a month. These kinds of memberships are very flexible, and do not require a typical yearly lease. You can downgrade or upgrade any way you see fit. Like most coworking spaces, they offer free networking events, computers, unlimited coffee, free wifi, printing and faxing, mailboxes, meeting rooms and much more. Who said starting your own company has to be expensive?

Network, Network, Network

Renting a shared space comes with the perk of being surrounded by many motivated and goal-oriented professionals. This is your chance to connect with some very talented people just like you. Many of them could be business owners, marketers, freelancers, designers, or web developers that could someday help grow your brand. Just being in a coworking environment puts you in the position to connect with many professionals. A coworking space is a collection of talent and ideas ready to be put to work.

Need a graphic designer to help create your new logo? Need financial advice? Looking to hire a new employee? These shared spaces are filled with brilliant minds willing to give assistance while sitting only a few feet away.

There’s Always an Opportunity to Learn Something New

You can never stop learning when starting your own company. Fortunately, coworking spaces host many educational seminars with high-profile speakers open to members and non-members alike. Co+Hoots in Phoenix had the pleasure of hosting events during Phoenix Startup Week in February giving its members free access to events.

Say Hello to a New Kind of Office Culture

Coworking creates a sense of community versus the typical isolated office environment. You won’t have to deal with office politics or the feeling of being alone in a hostile company. When joining a shared space, you can be stress-free, which helps you focus more on your business. The relaxed atmosphere gives you the opportunity to exchange ideas with the different minds in a shared space.  Coworking spaces are also known for bringing members together by hosting member events such as happy hours or office parties to help you create lasting relationships with other professionals.

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