Happy new year!

With 2017 quickly approaching, it is time to start thinking about all of our New Year’s resolutions. Typically, people choose to work out more, travel, pick up a hobby, eat better, or spend more time with family and friends. Whatever your new year resolution goal may be, don’t forget about your professional new year resolutions as well. Setting these goals prior to the upcoming year will bring your company and professional career a multitude of success.

Below we have listed four resolutions we think every company should adopt to ensure they have a prosperous 2017!

Be Ahead of the Game

Prepare for the coming year by being ahead of the game. A way to be ahead of the game is to “spring clean”. I know…spring cleaning in the winter? Take some time prior to the new year to get organized and plan for the future so you’re rarely caught off guard. Clean out your file cabinets, email, old documents, and anything else that needs to be refreshed.

Update and Promote Your Content

Most companies are under the impression that if you create a website and content, people will automatically come to you, but that is not true. It’s so important to update you content whenever things change, or make it a habit to revamp at least once a year, while still keeping to your company’s message. That being said, it is also very important to promote your content any time you can. Social media is a great way to promote your content and direct people back to your sight or with a way to contact you.

Post More Blogs

Blogging has become a very popular form of content for companies. This is an easy way to engage people in your industry with interesting and helpful posts. The nice thing about blogging is it can be as long or short as you want it to be, and you can be creative with it. Why wouldn’t you want to blog more? The more you blog, the more you can promote the content of these blogs and bring people to your company’s website, which will hopefully then bring more customers.

Focus On Lead Generation

The content you produce attracts an audience with an interest in the topics your company is covering. The goal is to bring those people who are interested in your content in and turn them into leads. For example, a good way to generate leads is to promote your content and require some type of email or contact information for them to read the content. This way you can contact them directly, and build a relationship to sell them the products or services your company specializes in.

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