Thank you

As you already know, this Thursday, November 24th is Thanksgiving Day, which is a national celebrated holiday in The United States and Canada. Thanksgiving was originally intended to set aside a day to give thanks for harvest and the preceding year. In 2016 and the beginning of 2017, Thanksgiving may represent different things as originally envisioned, but the universal message has always been the same, which is to give thanks. It is always important to show your appreciation for your family, friends, co-workers, and anyone else who plays an important role in your life. Just as important as it is to be thankful for your customers. As tradition tells us, the simplest things seem to mean the most. Especially when it feels like “giving thanks” is becoming more and more rare. A good motto to remember is: Happy customer, happy business.

Here are the five ways you can show your customers gratitude:

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Write a Thank You Note

In a world of technology, taking the time to hand-write a simple thank you note to your customer will impact them greatly. Your note should be specific and personal. This small act really shows you care and appreciate them to take the time to do this. Some examples of this would be to send a note after a sale or a completed project.

Feature Them Online

Considering how much our world is increasingly influenced by social media, tweeting a quick thank you to a loyal customer is a great way to show your attention and appreciation for them. You can also post the work you completed for them and include a simple “Thanks for choosing us”.

Just Because

This is when a “thank you” means the most. A “just because” thank you note, phone call, or online post, speaks volumes of your business. This “just because” thank you reminds the customer that you are thinking of them and appreciate them even on days that do not require a thank you. You should always appreciate your customers.

Loyalty Programs

This is a perfect way to show gratitude to your most loyal customers. This loyalty program doesn’t have to be anything flashy; it can be as simple as an annual or anniversary discount.

Old Fashioned Phone Call

Taking the time to call your customers to check in and thank them really sets your business apart and shows you go above and beyond. It is easier for people to send a quick email or message on social media, but to pick up the phone demonstrates you truly care for your customer and their loyalty to your company.

The important thing to always remember is to be thankful. Whether it is Thanksgiving Day or a random Wednesday, be thankful to everyone in your life. As John F. Kennedy once said, “As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” On that note, everyone have a wonderful Thanksgiving.

Thanks for reading. Want to learn a little bit more about the various ways Visualogistix can help you give thanks to your customers year round? Click here or contact us today to learn more.