First impressions: the make or break, sink or swim, ride or die. Well what about the second, third, fourth, fifth and so on impression? How do we turn a good first impression to a good reputation?

Once I had the privilege to shadow a senator at my state capital. She was very kind and I learned a lot from her that day. But might I say, she was a very busy woman! She had multiple people coming in and out of her office, notes with whom to call back, and various schedules lying around. And though it took her a minute or two to find what she was looking for, I was surprised at how well she was able to manage. As I was stepping out of her office one day she suggested that I go and meet the senator in the office next door. “I think you’ll like him”, she said.

When I entered his office, I was shocked. It was impressively clean. Nothing was out of place, books were organized on the shelf, and he even had chairs and a coffee table in the middle of the room. There wasn’t anything left out on the table from anyone he previously spoke to, and his desk was spotless except for one folder.

I asked him how he kept his office so clean with such a hectic schedule. He replied with something along the lines of, “Well my dad was a lawyer and he taught me that in a place of business, you keep it professional. He had clients coming in and out of his office daily, but he made sure that with each client, the only thing out on his desk was their file. How much more important did it make you feel, walking in and only seeing your file out on my desk?” He was right, I felt important; I was quite impressed. For that period of time while in his office, there was no doubt that I had his undivided attention.

A great deal of information about state and local politics was absorbed that day, but Senator John Doe taught me two specific ideas completely unrelated to politics that will stick with me forever. Presentation and set up reels them in, personal interaction and service seals the deal.

Are your customers blown away when they walk into your office, store, or restaurant like how I was when I walked into the senators’ office? There are numerous ways to catch their attention and make an impression, and this is all dependent upon the type of business you are.

We are drawn to certain stores based upon what catches our eye, but customers come back based upon customer service. You could have the best looking store in the whole city, but if your customers weren’t impressed with the service, they won’t come back.

Blow them away with attentiveness, quick responses to their orders, phone calls, emails, etc. Be aware of the time if you have other meetings to get to, but don’t be antsy and make the person you are speaking to feel like they need to talk faster to get everything in. Show them that their service and issues are your top priority.

First impressions are very powerful. But continuous good impressions go a long way. Be a business that your customers respect because you constantly and consistently impress them with the appearance of your office or workspace and your friendliness and easy-to-work-with personality. Be friendly, engaging and quick; reel them in and keep them coming back.

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