The phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” is something we are all familiar with. It was haphazardly thrown around throughout the entirety of our childhoods to teach us not to make assumptions or judgments about another individual before we got to know their true colors.

As we got older, we may or may not have taken this lesson to heart when interacting with other people. But one thing is for sure. We definitely dropped this way of thinking when associating with the multiple brands we interact with on a daily basis.

With the average attention span hovering around eight seconds (less than a goldfish!) we frankly don’t have the time, the motivation, or the desire to decipher a brand’s signage.

Your signage is your brand’s cover. And we are all judging you based upon it. Therefore, you need to ensure that your signage is of the highest quality. It needs to be colorful, creative, and easy to decipher. Customers should be able to tell what the sign is offering and what your brand is about in less than eight seconds.

Signage design is no simple task. So, to help you out, we have compiled a few tips from some fellow industry experts to ensure your signage enables your customers to understand your brand, your promotions, your messages, and your mission. All in under eight seconds.

  • Be consistent with the feature lines, price, size, color, and fonts so the customer’s eyes can easily scan the sign. Allow for plenty of white space, keep the font simple, be sure the text is balanced and proportional and consider using bullets. Highlight words in bold or by using a different color. Avoid using all capital letters, which makes it difficult to read. (DS 2006)
  • Use contrasting colors for the font and background. The most visible colors are black, white and red for the text, and these should be printed over backgrounds that are as opposite as possible. For example, white text on a black background, or red type over a yellow background can improve readability. Backgrounds that are nearly the same color as text can render signs nearly unreadable. (Johnston)
  • Don’t go crazy with color. Pick a simple two or three color scheme and stick with it throughout the store. Pick a background color, text color and highlight color. (Inspire 2013)
  • By paying special attention to the story, you give life to key products and elevate their perceived value. When a product story is told effectively, it has the power to turn a potentially ordinary product into a hard-won find. Your customers will then share these stories with their friends to give the products more enduring value. (Kinsella 2012)
  • When you craft your sign, write down the message you want to get across, then rewrite it in as few words as possible. Keep reducing until you have one to five words for your headline. If necessary, write a small amount of supporting information below. (Inspire 2013)
  • Make your signage easy to read. Some signs are so full of tiny images, starbursts, exclamation marks, and small print, that you can’t take it all in. (Inspire 2013)
  • The more time the customer will be spending looking at the sign, the more information you can include. For example, a sign near your cash register, where your customer will be waiting for a transaction to be processed, can provide details of a contest or return policy. (Inspire 2013)
  • Ensure your signs have a unique look and feel used consistently throughout all media, in stores, online and in advertising. Use consistent colors, font choices and logo treatments. These can be modified seasonally for impact, but ensure that all are switched at the same time. A consistent visual story will reinforce your brand and convey stability to your customers (Kinsella 2012)
  • Signs will convey your authority and attention to detail. Make sure they are clear and accurate every time. Poorly printed signs, misspelled words and other inaccuracies can erode your credibility. (Kinsella 2012)

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